Friday, October 15, 2004

Starting out, in the evening...

Well, I shan't make any promises (of course), but I thought maybe I'd turn my hand at blogging.

So, why? Well, like many people in (or almost in) academia, I like to hear myself talk (and how!). I love conversation as well, so I figured I ought to move some things out of my personal correspondence if I wanted to find more people to, well, "speak" to. (And I also have the typical arrogance that what I have to say is insteresting, of course!)

I'm also hoping, in the pits of my lazy heart, that putting this out here might direct me to blogs of interest to me that I haven't found yet, oh-ho. I'm insatiably greedy when it comes to reading, really.

The third reason, is that I haven't seen any graduate student blogs that I felt reflected my own personal experience at all. Most likely, this is because I wasn't looking in the proper place for those--still, I felt a need to flesh out the picture a little. If I can.

This is going to be an anonymous blog. The reasons are paranoia (also common to academia); because, as a grad student, I'm not very established; and because my mentors have a tendancy to be bewildered by what people put on the internet sometimes. I tried various usernames with blogger, until in desperation, I started typing in words that I saw surrounding me. There's a cup of instant spinach soup on my desk, and since I'm in Japan, it's labeled ほうれん草クリーム. So I guess that I'm "Houren" for now. (Maybe I should have added the "sou". Perhaps.) Not as weird as some of the nicknames I've gotten in Japanese classes, I suppose, so I'll answer to it. One could do worse than spinach, after all.

(I really should look up the etymology of that word now, I think.)

Anyway, as I'd say in any other self-introduction: pleased to meet you, and I hope you'll be kind.


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